Jany was born in Hamilton, Ontario. A self-taught artist, her passion for art is rivaled by her passion for sports. An avid rock climber, cyclist (racing mountain bikes and road), a runner and general outdoor enthusiast, she takes her memories of her adventures to her artistic creations. Her paintings and wood-burnings are reflections of meaningful moments in her life. They're also an attempt to stir the memories of the viewer to their own wonderful past experiences and a means to inspire the viewer to pursue future adventures. 


As a breast cancer survivor, painting and wood-burning have filled another role; relief from the permanent side effects of cancer therapy. Jany's desire to fight back and to live life to the fullest has also driven her to pursue helping others in not losing sight of what their own passions are; the importance of outdoor adventures and the necessity of community. Her art will always reflect her desire to provide others with the same level of joy she experienced in creating them.

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